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• Not getting my emails? Check your junk folder regularly! And remember to add and to your contact list. 

• Please remember to send interview questions and/or guest post topics in on time. If not, your interview will be automatically cancelled.

• When possible, review stops will be given priority over promo stops. Please don't take it personally. Most authors request a certain number of reviews. Be sure to check the final schedule (approx. 2 weeks before tour). If you sign up for a promo stop and won't be on the final schedule, you should get an email saying you've been unsubscribed from that list.

• HTML posts are now located at the end of each media kit document in the tour folders- Please read the document thoroughly before your stop.

• Host giveaways will begin and end with each respective tour. Remember to enter the giveaway after your stop! Host giveaways are located at the bottom of this page.

Upcoming Events

Media Kits

Tears of Glass
Looking For Betty MacDonald
The Miranda Vaughn Mysteries
The Good Spy Dies Twice
The Cavanaugh House
The Glitch
The Sparks
Corralling Callie

Things To Keep In Mind

◦ Tour posts:

Must be posted by 10AM Eastern (New York time): Time Converter

No longer have be the top post of the day

Must be on a blog

Tour reviews need to be 3.5 stars or higher, unless otherwise stated in tour emails

◦ Promo Event posts:

Must be posted by 10AM Eastern (New York time): Time Converter

Don't have to be the top post of the day

Can be posted on social media in lieu of a blog

◦ Audio Excerpts:

Cannot be inserted directly into posts on Blogger.

May not always be able to be inserted into posts on

Should be alternatively linked into posts, if you cannot embed it directly.

If you are unable to embed the audio file directly into your post or don't want to bother with it, you’ll have to direct readers to where the audio file is hosted (Google Drive/Soundcloud). I uploaded a "play symbol" image to this folder that can be used to anchor the link to the audio file. Anchoring a link to an image or text is not necessary. You can always post the naked link.

◦ Giveaways:

Most giveaways will be event-wide. Event-wide giveaways must follow these guidelines. For the record, these are legal requirements, not just my own.

There has to be a "freebie" entry (one that doesn't require the person entering to do anything). This can be arranged by creating a custom entry method that says something like "This is your one free entry" or "automatic entry". You can ask that they answer a question, but they do not have to do so to enter. If you ask "What color is the sky?" and their answer is "I love cake", you have to count it as a valid entry. Seriously. Even if they don't answer at all, it still counts because this is a free entry.

Additional entry methods must be optional. If you would like the person to follow you or comment, it cannot be mandatory that they do so.

All entry methods must be of the same value. If you assign "points" for how much each entry is worth, they all must be weighted the same.

There must be a set of guidelines in the giveaway post. They will be provided in the media kits for promotion-wide giveaways. I strongly suggest adopting similar guidelines for individually hosted giveaways as well. You may use the guidelines below for any giveaways you host through Audiobookworm Promotions or just in general. The guidelines should be modified (i.e. dates) for each giveaway post. Certain details in the guidelines need to be modified to fit your blog and giveaway type. The below guidelines should suffice for giveaways through Audiobookworm Promotions, but may not be entirely suitable for other purposes. They are based on US legal requirements. Awesome resources are linked below.

General Giveaway Guidelines

  • No purchase is required to enter any giveaway on [your blog name].
  • Digital giveaways are open internationally, with some exceptions (if global restrictions apply). Exceptions will always be disclosed.
  • Giveaways for physical prizes are only open to U.S. residents, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Participants must be over age 18 or have parental permission to enter.
    It is the sole responsibility of participants under 18 to obtain parental permission.
  • No giveaway blogs permitted to enter.
  • There will be [number] randomly selected winner, unless otherwise indicated.
  • Winner(s) determined by random selection via giveaway widget (Rafflecopter or Gleam).
  • Odds of winning determined by total number of entrants.
  • Winner(s) will be announced on [date].
  • By entering, you grant the right to publicize your name and likeness (avatar) in the event of winning.
  • Personal information may be required to send prizes (email address for digital prizes and mailing address for physical prizes). This information will only be shared, if necessary, with a third-party sending the prize. Personal information will never be sold or misused, per the privacy policy above.
  • The winner will be notified on the giveaway’s end date and must respond within 3 days of notification or the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be randomly selected.

I can't force you to follow these guidelines, but failure to do so is at your own risk.

Helpful Links

Blogger F.A.Q.
Email Jess
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◦ Audible- .com (US) or (UK)
◦ Rafflecopter Tutorials: 1, 2, 3, 4 (video)
◦ Gleam Tutorials: 1, 2,  3 (video)
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Cross-Posting Options

A few ideas of where you can try cross-posting your reviews and other posts. Some can be connected with with your blog or with other platforms for automatic cross-posting.

◦ Litsy (mobile app)
◦ Riffle
◦ Barnes & Noble
◦ Pinterest
◦ Facebook
◦ Google +
◦ Twitter

Host Buttons

Audiobookworm Promotions
Audiobookworm Promotions


Audiobookworm Promotions
Audiobookworm Promotions

You may have heard of affiliate marketing. Plenty of bloggers (including myself) use it to make a little money blogging. It's incredibly easy-- as easy as adding a link to a post. I post affiliate links as purchase options after every review.

Here are a few audiobook affiliate programs you may want to check out: ($15 commission on free trials--my favorite!)
Audible/Amazon (4% commission)
◦ Audiobooks Now
◦ Downpour (15% commission)
◦ The Book Depository

Host Giveaways

 Looking For Betty MacDonald Host Giveaway

Looking For Betty MacDonald Host Giveaway

Miranda Vaughn Mysteries Host Giveaway

Miranda Vaughn Mysteries Host Giveaway

The Good Spy Dies Twice Host Giveaway

The Good Spy Dies Twice Host Giveaway