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Blog tours are meant to imitate the physical book tours authors sometimes take when promoting a book. Because blog tours are virtually-based, they are much more inexpensive and convenient.

Instead of hopping from city to city, a blog tour allows your “tour stops” to take place on blogs and social media to create excellent visibility for your audio title.

Blog tours are not a new concept, but Audiobookworm Promotions is taking them to a new level. Since Audiobookworm Promotions specializes in reviewing and promoting audiobooks, all promotions are audio-focused and open to authors, narrators, and publishers of audiobooks.

Below are the audiobook tours currently available, along with their special opening rates. These rates are exclusive to the opening of Audiobookworm Promotions’ promotional service and are subject to change with clear notice. Take advantage of the opening rates while you can!



Length: 7 days
Stops: 7 stops
Suggested Features: Reviews, Giveaway, Coordinated Playlists, Audio Excerpts, Scavenger Hunts

If you’re a believer in Lady Luck, put your work in the hands of fate with The Lucky Listener tour package. This package features a tour-wide giveaway of a prize of your choosing. Coordinated playlists may be compiled by you or the tour host.

This tour requires you to choose 2-4 features, one of which must be the tour-wide giveaway. The above features are only suggestions of what coordinates well with this tour. Spotlights, guest posts, interviews (author, narrator, and/or character) are also options for The Lucky Listener tour.

*includes a banner and tour badge designed by The Audiobookworm.


Great choice for narrators!

Length: 10 days
Stops: 10 stops
Features: Reviews and social media blasts only
Book: At least 4 weeks in advance

The Literary Listener is mostly a review tour, with social media blasts thrown in for good measure.

Choose this tour if your priority is finding quality reviewers for your audiobook. The social media blasts also ensure that the reviews (and therefore your audiobook) receive a wider amount of exposure.

*includes a banner and tour badge designed by The Audiobookworm.





Length: 14 days
Stops: 14 stops
Features: Reviews, Giveaways, Guest Posts, Dream Casts, Spotlights, Teasers

The Lovely Listener tour is largely about visibility. This tour uses features that are eye-catching. After all, looks grab someone’s attention, but content keeps it. You are encouraged to provide graphics that coordinate with your audiobook for tour hosts to include in making their posts pop! If you don’t have graphics, speak with me and we can arrange to have some great ones drawn up before the tour.

This tour requires you to choose 3-5 features. The above features are only suggestions of what coordinates well with this tour. Interviews (author, narrator, and/or character) and audio excerpts are also options for The Lovely Listener tour.

*includes a banner and tour badge designed by The Audiobookworm.




Length: 14 days
Stops: 14-21 stops
Features: Reviews, Giveaways, Interviews, Guest Posts, Spotlights, Audio Excerpts, Teasers

If you can’t decide between The Lovely Listener and The Loquacious Listener, why not choose something right in the middle? The Loyal Listener was designed with flexibility in mind. Its suggested features are tried and true.

*includes a banner and tour badge designed by The Audiobookworm.


Length: 21 days
Stops: 21 stops
Features: Reviews, Interviews, Twitter Chat, Guest Posts, Spotlights, Giveaways, Podcast Appearance*, Booktube Appearance*, Youtube Live Show, Google+ Chat

The Loquacious Listener tour is perfect for those with a lot to say about audiobooks! This tour emphasizes features that allow you to connect with your audience on a more personal level.

The Loquacious Listener is one of the most highly customizable tours available through The Audiobookworm. It can require a moderate-to-high amount of participation on your part, depending on the features chosen.

This tour requires you to choose 3-5 features. The above features are only suggestions of what coordinates well with this tour. Audio excerpts are also options for The Loquacious Listener tour.

*includes a banner and tour badge designed by The Audiobookworm.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask about how to build your own tour package with The Audiobookworm.




Length: 7 days
Stops: No minimum or maximum
Features: Reviews, Interviews, Guest Posts, Spotlights, Giveaways, Audio Excerpts, Dream Casts, Music Playlists

The Limitless Listener is a blog tour in its most basic and unrestrained form. If you really want to see how your title appeals to bloggers, this is the tour for you! Although there isn’t a predetermined maximum number of stops, you can request for the booking process to end at anytime.

*includes a banner and tour badge designed by The Audiobookworm.

Tours must be scheduled at least 6 weeks in advance, unless otherwise specified.

The tour schedule is usually filled 2-3 months into the future, so don’t wait to request your tour!

All giveaways are event-wide.

All tours include:

• Social media promotion by The Audiobookworm & certain tour hosts
• A featured tour page on The Audiobookworm
• A custom banner designed by Audiobookworm Promotions ($20 value)
• One to two teaser graphics ($12-24 value)
• Planning, scheduling, and overseeing of the tour by Audiobookworm Promotions
• Prime advertising on The Audiobookworm in for approx. 8 weeks ($44 value)

Certain tours may include:

• A host-exclusive giveaway as an incentive to tour hosts
• Guest appearances on affiliated podcasts (at the host’s discretion)*
• Guest appearances on Booktube channels (at the host’s discretion)*
• Promotional posts on The Audiobookworm (at my discretion)*
• Additional teaser graphics ($12 value each)

*Ask about these conditional features and I’ll try to arrange them

Be prepared to promptly provide:

• Graphics (HQ cover image & anything else you’d like used for the tour banner)
• Audiobook synopsis, buy links, author/narrator bio info (+ photo), social links, and any other promotional material desired for the tour page (example)
• Review copies, if applicable (via codes or otherwise)*
• Materials for tour stops (blurbs, audio excerpts, interviews, guest posts, etc.)
• Written materials for teaser images (one-liners from the title being promoted)
• Giveaway prize(s) of your choice, if applicable

*In accordance with my privacy policy, I will distribute all review copies. Email addresses of reviewers will not be shared with anyone (including tour sponsors).


Request a Tour

Audio Blog Tour Request Form
Reviews, Spotlights and Teasers are automatically included.
∙Additional features may incur additional fees. ∙Teasers are $12/1, 2/$20 or 6/$60. ∙Special Adoption rate is $10 for 10 codes ($5 off).

After a tour, refunds are given at a “per stop” rate. This rate is decided by dividing the package price by the number of stops promised. Example: (The Loquacious Listener tour) $60/21 stops= $2.86 per stop. This rate is refunded for every stop missed during the tour.

Refunds can be credited towards future purchases or sent through PayPal.