Blogger F.A.Q.

blogger faq

What’s the difference between a promo event and a blog tour?

Promo Event = Promotional Features (interviews, giveaways, spotlights, audio excerpts, teasers, etc.)
Tour = Promotional Features + Reviews

Promos are less time-consuming because they don’t involve reviews, but that means no free review copies for those particular promotions. You don’t necessarily have to have your own blog in order to participate in promos. Promo posts can just as easily be made on Twitter or Facebook.

Tours, on the other hand, are more structured and give you the option of reviewing an audiobook provided by whomever is sponsoring the tour (author, narrator, publisher). Tour posts, called “stops”, are to be posted on a particular day that is chosen when you sign up for the tour. A blog is necessary for participation in a tour.

Do I need a blog to participate?

In blog tours, yes. In all other promotions, no.

Do I have to be an Audible customer?

No. You do not have to pay Audible anything in order to receive audiobooks as gifts.

All you need is a free account which can be obtained by signing up for Audible using an email address and password. No subscription or membership necessary. Here are visual instructions for how to create a free account.

Are the audiobooks mine to keep?

Audiobooks received as gifts from are yours to keep.

Does it matter if I’m blogging from another country?

Sort of, but only where reviews are concerned. I need to know how to get audiobooks to you for review. Even though I’ll be sending digital copies (most likely through Audible), there are occasionally global restrictions. Most of the time, we can get around international gifting issues by having you create a free account (in lieu of or some other marketplace).

In cases with globally restricted titles, I’m afraid there is no “work around”, but those cases should be relatively infrequent.

If you are from a country outside of the U.S., make sure that I am aware so that we can figure out how to get audiobooks to you when the time comes.

I’ve never reviewed an audiobook before. Can you help?

Absolutely! There are some reviewing tips on the Affiliate Headquarters page. I’m available for any further assistance.

What if I don’t like the audiobook I’m supposed to review?

I would never put you in the position of compromising your integrity as a reviewer. If it happens that you dislike a title you were supposed to be reviewing and feel that it warrants a rating of less than 3.5 stars, let me know as soon as possible and we can arrange for you to promote the audiobook in another manner (a giveaway post, for example).

Then, once the promotional period has passed, feel free to post your honest and unbiased review. This way, everyone wins.

There are two exceptions to the “3.5 star” rule: 1) If a sponsor specifically requests a change of rule (you will be notified in the tour announcement email) and 2) if you are reviewing an audiobook “adopted” from the “Adopt-An-Audiobook” page (there is no rating restriction on adopted audiobooks).

What if I can’t post when I’m supposed to?

I understand that everyone will not always be able to fulfill their commitments. That’s just life. All I ask is that you give me enough notice so that I can find someone to fill your spot.

However, if pulling out of promotions becomes a pattern, we both may come to the conclusion that promoting with me might not be the best arrangement for you at that time. You will always be welcome to resume your affiliation in the future when things calm down a bit.

How long will I have to listen and review an audiobook?

For blog tours, you will almost always have at least 4 weeks. I say “almost” because there may be times when that just isn’t possible, especially when promoting new releases. Take this into consideration when signing up for a review stop. Don’t put yourself under pressure to meet a deadline that will risk decreasing your enjoyment of the audiobook. If possible, choose a date closer to the end of the tour in order to grant yourself more time.

As a blogger, I understand the importance of not rushing a review and I try to be very conscious of the deadlines affiliates are under. If there is ever a time when you feel that a review deadline is not possible for you to meet, let me know and we can switch your review stop for a promotional stop. Then, you can post your review soon after the tour.

For audiobooks adopted from the “Adopt-An-Audiobook” page, you’ll have approximately 3 months to review.

Do I have to be an audiobook listener to participate?

No. It is preferred, but not required. The only time audio listening is absolutely required is for reviews (obviously). I understand that audiobook listening is not for everyone, be it because of time constraints or general preference.

But look at it this way: Your promoting of audiobooks, whether you personally listen to them or not, can still benefit others. Your promotions not only help further the audiobook industry (authors, narrators, and audio publishers), but also reach potential listeners. Someone could discover audiobook listening through your posts and it could change their life.

Besides audiobooks, what else can I get out of promoting?
  • General Exposure
  • Blog Traffic
  • Social Media Following
  • Post Content
  • Giveaways
  • Incentives
  • Experience
  • Networking
  • Community Involvement
  • 15% of any of my design services

I could go on, but you get the idea. You have a chance to get any of these “perks” each time you participate in a promotion. Think of it as the sponsor (author, narrator, publisher) approaching you and wanting to sponsor a giveaway, guest post, interview, etc. directly on your blog. Each opportunity opens the door two new opportunities in the future.

What/Where is the Affiliate Headquarters page?

What: The Affiliate Headquarters is a page specifically designated for anyone signed up as an affiliate with Audiobookworm Promotions. It’s where I post all sorts of updates, helpful information and resources that can be used for reviewing and promoting audiobooks. It’s also where host giveaways are held.

Where: As with most headquarters, it’s location isn’t publicly displayed. After signing up as an affiliate, you’ll receive a welcome email containing directions to the Affiliate Headquarters page. Be sure to bookmark it!

I’m not receiving your media kit emails. What do I do?

Kits are sent out one week before an event launches. If you don’t receive the email 24-hours after that, check your spam/junk folder (or “Promotions” folder, if using Gmail). Some email providers have settings that automatically delete incoming junk/spam, so be sure to add to your contacts.

As a backup, links to all media kits are posted in advance at the top of the Affiliate Headquarters page.

Can hosts enter event giveaways?

I don’t have a problem with this, but I would prefer you to enter [as a regular participant would] on another host’s blog, instead of your own.

When/Where should I crosspost my review?

When: Ideally, I’d like you to crosspost your review to Goodreads, Audible, etc. the same day as your tour stop, or at least in the days following your stop.

Where: Goodreads and Audible (.com) are the minimums. You’ll get bonus entries in host giveaways for crossposting there. Most people already crosspost to Goodreads, but please don’t ignore Audible. Audible reviews are a narrator’s “bread and butter”. Of course, you’re welcome to crosspost to other review websites. I have suggested several great crossposting locations on the Affiliate HQ page.

What if I change my email address and/or blog URL after signing up? 

Each host signed up with me has a profile that can be edited on MailChimp (my email marketing service). There is usually a link to edit your profile at the end of each email from me. Click “update your preferences” and add or change whatever information you want. Don’t forget to click “update profile” after doing so.