Promotional Services

Audio Blog Tours

Ready to go all out? Beginning at $20, tour packages include reviews, promotional stops, graphic design and in-house advertising. Reviews-only tours also offered.

Promo Events

Promo events are aimed at "creating buzz" around a title. If increased visibility is your goal, a promo package is the way to go. No reviews, just promotion.

À la Carte

If customization is your thing, build your own package from the wide variety of features listed.

Review Placement

Place your title up on the Adopt-An-Audiobook page and let the reviewers come to you. No more peddling; I'll take care of audiobook distribution and review tracking.


I'm available to design banners, teasers, blog headers, social media covers, logos, and several other things. Website design and social media setup is also offered.


Advertise your audiobook or audiobook-related service on The Audiobookworm. Several sizes, prices and placements are available.

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