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The Business Side of The Audiobookworm


From what I’ve found, there aren’t any book tour websites that regularly work with audiobook bloggers. Therefore, I am scheduling my own promotional services. Promotional services are something that I am very eager to offer. I am excited about the possibility of working with authors, narrators, and publishers to promote amazing audiobooks! That’s one of the primary reasons I launched The Audiobookworm in the first place. I’m also excited at the prospect of promoting the very format of audiobook listening to new audiences.

Why should you work with Audiobookworm Promotions to promote your audiobook?

Listen, I’ll tell you upfront: I’m not a professional book promoter. I don’t have a degree in public relations, business, or marketing. Please don’t expect someone in a business suit to be sitting behind this computer.

I’m a blogger and an audiobook lover. I’m the exact type of person you are trying to market your audiobook to, so who better to help you do that?

I have over four years of experience with blogging on multiple platforms and 14 years of experience with social media. I have an active presence on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, and Bloglovin’. I am easily reachable because I understand how important communication is to successful collaboration.

My personality is very evident in all of my reviews and throughout my website. If you like what you see and think we could work well together, shoot me an email and I’ll answer any questions you have for me. I understand if you want to get to know who you’re dealing with before making a decision. I would, as well.

What’s the difference between book promotion and audiobook promotion?

I blog a lot about the similarities between book readers and audiobook listeners, but the differences between the two groups are most evident when selecting a story to consume.

Readers and listeners have to consider different things when deciding on a purchase, so it makes sense that books and audiobooks should be promoted differently.

graphAudiobook listeners tend to demand very different things than book readers do. Although there is some overlap, I’ve found that avid audiobook listeners are generally much more particular about their selections, possibly because there are more factors involved.

With The Audiobookworm, all aspects of an audiobook are reviewed, including production, sound quality, and narration. Narration is frequently a key deciding factor for potential listeners. It is often said that a narrator can make or break an audiobook experience. As a listener, I can attest to the truthfulness of this statement. A narrator that has been highly touted online can greatly improve the sales performance of an audiobook. The Audiobookworm makes a concerted effort to give audiobook narrators the attention they deserve.

Working with The Audiobookworm to promote your audiobook is a great way to ensure that your audiobook promotion targets the right audience. The Audiobookworm is a site about audiobooks, for audiobook enthusiasts, and by an audiobook enthusiast.

Since I am fond of food analogies, and indulge me for a minute: You don’t generally go to a steakhouse when you want seafood and you don’t go to a seafood shack when you want a good steak. Although, a seafood option may be on the menu of a steakhouse, you wouldn’t expect it to be that great because it’s not that restaurant’s specialty.

Audiobooks are my specialty. I know how to promote them and to whom. I understand the audiobook community because I am active in the audiobook community.

Why am I promoting audiobooks?

Simply put, because no one else seems to be. At least, not in the same manner that I am.

All of the websites I’ve seen that offer similar promotions explicitly cater to and target traditional book readers. I initially approached several of the more popular book tour websites, looking for review and promotional opportunities. I was consistently told that there were unlikely to be many audiobook opportunities available.

That doesn’t make sense to me. I know there are opportunities out there for audiobook reviewers. I get review requests almost on a daily basis now. The promotional methods used for traditional books can so easily be adapted to facilitate successful audiobook promotion. Why can’t narrators do blog tours or promote their talents with audio excerpts? Why can’t authors celebrate the day of their audiobook’s release with blitzes and giveaways?

With Audiobookworm Promotions, audiobooks can receive all of the same promotions that traditional books do!

I didn’t launch this blog with the intention of getting into formal audiobook promotion. I started it because I love audiobooks and I wanted to find a new way to express that love. Therefore, I don’t view this as a job, but as a way to help the audiobook community progress.

Of course, I can’t promise that all promotions will be successful. But I can promise that I will bend over backwards to try to make that happen. A successfully promoted audiobook isn’t just a win for those directly involved with its production, but also for the audiobook community as a whole and that includes me.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions!

As added incentive, everyone who promotes with me is eligible for a complimentary website redesign courtesy of Elle at Your Novel Agency.