January Rewind

Jan Rewind





Over the past month, I have heard and reviewed ten audiobooks, listed here:


It’s hard for me to ever just pick one of anything (shopping is a real struggle), especially when each of these three audiobooks are so deserving. These are the audiobooks that were most savored in my mind and my opinions of them have only increased with time. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is my most recent completion (along with its sequel), and is therefore weighing very heavily on my mind (I can’t stop thinking about it!). I have surprised myself (and probably some readers) by not selecting Passenger as a January favorite. I enjoyed Passenger very much while listening to it but, unlike the three above, it doesn’t stick out in my mind weeks after completion. I remember liking it, but I’d really have to concentrate (or read my previous review) to tell you exactly why I liked it so much. January was pretty equally divided between the Fantasy and YA Contemporary genres, which was a first for me, as I usually tend to lean more towards Fantasy. So it is very surprising to me that two of my three favorite audiobooks for the month are contemporary. Not only have I found a passion for a new genre, but I also discovered several new (to me) authors (Jenny Han, Jasmine Warga, April White, & Alexandra Bracken), a new Fantasy series to obsess over (The Immortal Descendants), and a couple of new narrators that I really enjoy (more on that below).


January was really a great month for narration! Ron Herczig and Laura Knight Keating stood out the most (for positive reasons) and I’ve added both of them to my list of favorite narrators. I’ve also had the opportunity to learn that, in addition to being an exceptional voice actor, Ron is also a really down-to-earth guy and is completely open to chatting with audiobook fans on Twitter!

Honorable mention goes to Euan Morton (narrator of Carry On) for having a voice like warm cider and Saskia Maarleveld (narrator of Passenger) for best accents.


Tabling an audiobook is something I do when it becomes apparent that I won’t be finishing it in the near future. I table for many different reasons, as demonstrated by the four above. I was slated to finish Dreams of Gods and Monsters in December to round out Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, but I seem to have lost interest somewhere during the second installment. Vicious was something I was really looking forward to hearing, both because of the synopsis and the positive reviews. I got a pretty good way through it before realizing I wasn’t into it at all. The premise is really enticing, but the writing and narration both fall a little flat for me.

The Truth About Alice is really, really good. It has multiple narrators (which I love) who all do excellent jobs of embracing their characters. The writing is meant to put a spotlight on the devastating effects of high school gossip, cliques, and slut-shaming. It’s meant to evoke powerful feelings from the reader/listener. The thing is, it did all of those things too well. I was enjoying the audiobook up to the point when it started to really hit home with me and began bringing back all of the terrible feelings and memories from high school that I’ve tried so hard to leave in the past. Seriously, it’s like I was right back there, even though it’s been 10 years since I graduated. Job well done on the part of the author and narrators, but I had to table this because listening to it wasn’t fun for me anymore. I do plan on going back to it in the future, but I will definitely keep a closer watch on my emotions as I finish it. Truthwitch should have a little asterisk by its picture up here, because I haven’t technically tabled it…yet. I might not ever have to table it. I might get this sudden burst of energy and determination and knock out the remaining 25% (yes, I’m that close). I should have reasonably finished it already but this audiobook takes so much effort to get through. It’s like chewing a really tough piece of me. I’m trying to take it a little bit at a time, but I don’t know how much longer I’ll have the patience.





The Listen Along Audiobook Club (LAAC) was just founded two days ago (January 30), some no audiobooks were heard as a group for the month of January. But we did begin getting to know one another, exchange social media links, and vote on which audiobooks we wanted to hear in February. At the end of January, we have 25 wonderful members!

➜The February selections are I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson, The Young Elites by Marie Lu, Bone Gap by Laura Ruby, & The Siren by Keira Cass.





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