About Jess


Bonjour, friends!  I’m Jess, but you probably knew that by now.

If you’re looking for the typical “About Me” spill, here it is: I’m a [late] 20-something-year-old blogger from North Carolina (for better or worse). I began blogging in August 2012 and have several successful blogging and co-blogging ventures under my belt, although The Audiobookworm is my first foray into the book blogging community. It launched in January 2016 as a sub-blog on Tumblr. I quickly realized it needed a more prominent space and moved things over to WordPress.

I heard my first audiobook in 2014. In case you’re wondering, it was Stephen King’s 11/22/63. When put on the spot, I still name it as my favorite audiobook. Since then, I estimate that I’ve heard over 200 audiobooks. According to Goodreads stats, I heard 91 in 2015 and I’ve already heard 67 in 2016 (on the way to my goal of 108- wish me luck!).

I certainly don’t think of myself as an audiobook expert, just an enthusiast. As I explained in this post, my discovery of audiobooks allowed me to recapture the magic I found from reading as a child (Harry Potter generation here). But as you probably know, “adulting” doesn’t always leave time for leisure reading. Now, audiobooks are a way for me to incorporate story time into my daily schedule.

I’m currently in graduate school studying rehabilitation counseling and writing my thesis on, guess what? Audiobooks! More precisely, I’m researching the various ways audiobooks (combined with eBooks) can be used to aid individuals with dyslexia in their reading efforts. It’s incredibly surreal to cross two of my passions in that way (audiobook listening + assisting individuals with disabilities). This research seems like a natural progression from my intentions when launching this blog.

Why? Because The Audiobookworm is more for you than it is for me. I’m a curious person and when I discover something I see as worthwhile, I want to share it with everyone! You could ask my mom for verification. I’m constantly pestering her to come out of her comfort zone and learn about something new (today it was Spotify).

When I became hooked on audiobooks, I found a way to work them into every conversation I had for the following six months. Unfortunately, few people in my real-life were interested. So naturally, I took to the internet and voilà! Here you are, on this site, which I’m assuming means you love audiobooks. Even if you don’t love them yet, that’s okay. Stick around a while and see what else I have to offer.

I try to make The Audiobookworm extremely user-friendly (which is hard with so much information) and emphasize an open-minded, person-centered experience. That means that although I’m blogging from my own perspective (whose else would I be blogging from?), I try to remain conscious of the fact that your experience with an audiobook/narrator/service could differ greatly from mine. For example, just because I didn’t enjoy a certain audiobook, doesn’t mean that I think no one else will enjoy it either. Two great examples are my reviews of Clean Sweep and Polishing Jade. Of course, the same goes for narrators.

Speaking of narrators, have I mentioned how much I love them? In my semi-biased opinion, narrators are the cat’s pajamas. I’m so fascinated by the art of narration that you would think I was aspiring to become a professional voice actor. In fact, I field that question quite often. But I’m smart enough to know where are my talents lie and where they definitely do not.

I could go on forever about why I love audiobooks so much and how I’m two steps away from printing an I ❤ Narrators tee, but this page is getting a little long. I’m just going to have to hope that my enthusiasm is evident elsewhere on this site (I think it is).

Whether you are a reader or a listener, an author or a narrator, or just a late-night browser who accidentally stumbled upon this page, I hope you enjoy your time here.

-Jess ♣︎

➜ Side note: I would be remiss if I did not introduce you to my co-bloggers.

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