🎁 Am I On Speaker?: A Self-Help Guide for the Young Professional by Kivrin Vantage PhD

Reviewed Sep. 2019

Narrator: Kivrin Vantage PhD
Length: 55 minutes
Publisher: Kivrin Vantage PhD⎮2019

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This audiobook was graciously gifted to me by its author and narrator, Kivrin Vantage, in exchange for a review containing my honest thoughts and opinions. Thanks, Kivrin!

The Audiobookworm's Review

Rating: 3.25 Stars

I started listening to Am I On Speaker? knowing that I probably wasn't its target audience, but hoping that I could get something beneficial out of it anyway. I've recently discovered that I enjoy listening to self-help business audiobooks because they give me useful information and helpful insights into the world of business. I discovered this by listening to Tools to Succeed a few months ago.

Am I On Speaker? is less than an hour long, so I figured it would be condensed and to the point. Unfortunately, it was also very basic. I say 'unfortunately' because it felt like more than half of the information given was commonsense stuff. But I know that everyone has to start somewhere, so Am I On Speaker? is likely meant to serve an introductory purpose. I can't see it geared toward anyone with any type of prior workplace experience or anyone coming out of business school. It seems more likely that someone working their first job, possibly in or just out of high school would benefit most from Am I On Speaker?.

Vantage does a fine job of covering the many common scenarios a young professional is likely to face in the workplace, from the first day until the last. Because of the brevity of this audiobook, she didn't have a chance to delve too deeply into any particular area, but rather provided a general overview of each. The advice given was the sound, much like what I'd expect to hear from a parent, mentor, counselor, or anyone with a decade or two of workplace experience. Vantage is constantly reminding the listener to consider the larger picture and not get caught up in minute squabbles that could affect one's ultimate career trajectory.

The ending, when it came, was rather abrupt. Given the amount of introduction in the beginning, I was expecting a lengthier conclusion (or a conclusion at all). Am I On Speaker? is a very basic introduction to this topic and I definitely feel there was room for expansion on several of the topics. Starting with the basics is fine, but it ended their as well. I would have liked to have seen more insight. It felt like this could have used some polishing before publication, but it's not a bad value for the money.

Narration review: However, I do question Dr. Vantage's decision to narrate this audiobook. I'm not sure what precipitated that the decision, but in my opinion, it definitely had a detrimental effect on the overall listening experience. The sound quality was poor and the obvious lack of narration experience was a constant distraction from the material. Additionally, the music played in the background during the entire audiobook severely undermined the desired impression of professionalism. If I were to recommend Am I On Speaker? to anyone, I would recommend picking up the e-book instead. I would also recommend that Vantage hire a professional narrator to record any future audiobooks. ♣︎

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