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📚 Bloodlines by Richelle Mead

📚 Bloodlines by Richelle Mead


Bloodlines #1

Description⎮Reviewed Nov. 2015

Narrator: Emily Shaffer
Length: 12h 53m
Publisher: Penguin Audio⎮2011

4★ Audiobook⎮Returning to the world of Vampire Academy was like coming home again! Mead did an excellent job incorporating VA characters and plotlines into this new series. So much, that it actually helped distract from Bloodlines’ semi-significant plot weaknesses. Bloodlines in itself is very different from the Vampire Academy series. It is much less action-oriented and a lot slower-paced. In this book, Sydney Sage is a bit boring and flat, for my tastes. Her intolerance and “good girl” tendencies make her less likable as a main character, but the aforementioned distractions luckily kept me from ever wanting to stop listening. I can see the potential for character development with her and that is enough to keep me going. Not to mention the promise of more Dimitri in the next installment. ♣︎

$ Available at The Book Depository (paperback), and Audible

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