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🎙 Introducing The Narration Nest

🎙 Introducing The Narration Nest


Narrators, I invite you to be featured in my newest blog series: The Narration Nest.

The audiobooks we love couldn’t happen without you and your dedication deserves more appreciation. Listeners devour your work in a matter of days or sometimes hours, often without acknowledging the voice behind the magic. Through interviews, guest posts, and Q&As, I’m offering you a platform to give us listeners a slip of insight into your craft.

If this was elementary school, it would be career day!

You can discuss any topic relevant to narration and audiobook production. If you have something that you’re eager to say to audiobook listeners, here is your chance to do so. Or I can provide you with topic suggestions, if you wish. This is a great way to get free and easy exposure in the right circles, while giving us a good lesson in narration along the way. If you are interested in being featured in The Narration Nest on The Audiobookworm, get in touch with me and we’ll set something up!

Listeners, this is where you come in.

If you have any burning questions you want answered by a professional narrator, I invite you to send them to me or post them in the comments section below. The Narration Nest is very much an interactive series which means it needs your involvement to thrive.

Ways you can help build the nest:

•Ask questions in the comments section
•Follow me on Twitter– Announcements about upcoming Narration Nest guests will be made there, like this one:

•Tweet questions using #NarrationNest
Ask Narrators
Ask audiobook narrators all your burning questions! The #NarrationNest on is where they’ll be answered.
•Share Narration Nest posts on social media
•Suggest a narrator you’d like me to approach about being featured
•Share this post on social media and tag your favorite narrator
I hope you’re as excited as I am about The Narration Nest and everything we’ll learn from it!

-Jess ♣︎


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