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Jess & Tina’s Super Fun Audiobook Bingo Challenge!

Jess & Tina’s Super Fun Audiobook Bingo Challenge!

June Is Audiobook Month! How are you celebrating?

I’m honored to announce that Tina from As Told by Tina invited me to present a fun way to celebrate Audiobook Month with her. After a few minutes of brainstorming, we came up with Jess & Tina’s Super Fun Audiobook Bingo Challenge!

The rules are pretty self-explanatory, but Tina did an excellent job of breaking them down, in case you want more insight. The challenge runs for the entire month of June (which starts tomorrow!). The official bingo card can be seen below and I’m linking a more printer-friendly version (black and white) as well.

Color Bingo Card {Download}
Black & White Bingo Card {Download}

The officially recognized hashtag for this challenge is #AudioBingo. Both Tina and I will be keeping an eye on that tag.

In order to make this super fun (and not just regular fun), we invite you to incite a little friendly competition. This is a challenge after all. Throw down the gauntlet to your friends, family, and colleagues. Tag your book friends on social media and encourage them to do the same. I’ve already challenged 10 people on Twitter! Even your book-loving friends may catch the audiobook bug that’s known to go around in June.

To win, you must get three in a row. But for the sake of bragging rights, try to complete the whole card!

Are you already planning your listens for the challenge? I’m anxious to hear what you’ll be listening to. Tag me on Twitter or leave a message in the comments below. I need suggestions for my listening list!

If you’re new to audiobooks or want to try a new service, I recommend and Scribd. You can read my reviews of those services here and here.


  1. Yay! And thanks for making it a tiny board. 😀 I’m listening to Horns by Joe Hill right now. It’s super intense but I’m loving it. I highly recommend The Serpent King. It’s an excellent book, and the narrator did a beautiful job.

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