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🎁 LMAO from A to Z by Amanda Terman

🎁 LMAO from A to Z by Amanda Terman

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The Vocab Book Series #2

Goodreads⎮Reviewed May 2017

NarratorAmanda Terman
Length: 36m
Publisher: Amanda Terman⎮2017

SynopsisIn this sequel to the Amazon best-selling vocabulary study guide LOL from A to Z, you’ll find simple definitions and memorable examples of twenty six advanced vocabulary words ranging from “aberrant” to “zephyr.”

Whether you’re a college student who needs to take the graduate school admissions exam, or a professional who enjoys reading the newspaper on the daily commuter train, this book will teach you the words you need to know!

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry* . . . and you’ll remember the words!

*Note: You probably won’t actually cry, but you’ll get to laugh at other people crying (I’m looking at you, aspiring supermodel Tyro Bonks!)

4.25★ AudiobookListening to The Vocab Book Series is a quick burst of mental nourishment. It leaves me with a feeling of just having done something good for myself, along the lines of taking vitamins, drinking lots of water, or physical exercise. Listening to LMAO from A to Z is akin to an intellectual workout, only a lot more fun!

If this were a workout, Amanda Terman would be an excellent personal trainer. Just like in LOL from A to Z, she makes the learning routine fun and memorable. The examples she provides aren’t anything I’m soon to forget! True to its name, LMAO from A to Z had me in stitches of laughter by the second vocabulary word (bromide). It takes a certain type of creativity and quirk to invent such colorful vignettes for each vocabulary word. I would love to know Terman’s inspiration behind them.

As much as I enjoyed my initial experience with LOL from A to Z, my time listening to LMAO from A to Z felt more fruitful. The recent addition of an accompanying PDF vocabulary list on the Audible download page increased my overall enjoyment and retention. Listening to LMAO from A to Z isn’t a one-time deal. Repetition is required in order to cement the newly acquired material into long-term memory (which is the goal). Being able to review the PDF vocabulary list goes a long way toward helping the listener to achieve this goal.

The Vocab Book Series is the best vocabulary learning tool I’ve come across. Whether you’re training for a standardized test or just wanting to impress people, Terman has your back.

Narration review: Another thing that gave LMAO from A to Z a slight edge over LOL from A to Z was the narration. Terman narrates both titles, but experience has improved her style. The narration seemed more effortless this time around, which aided the humorous effect. Her tone, enunciation and articulation still clearly said “Listen up!”, while her comedic timing livened the learning experience. ♣︎

 This audiobook was graciously gifted to me by its author/narrator, Amanda Terman, in exchange for a review containing my honest thoughts and opinions. Thanks, Amanda!

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