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🔎 Monday Discovery: Unlimited Audiobooks Are Back!

🔎 Monday Discovery: Unlimited Audiobooks Are Back!


5,000 unlimited audiobooks + 2-months= #Winning

This discovery is H-U-G-E and will undoubtedly be a game changer for audiobook lovers everywhere over the next two months! Scribd recently announced that they are temporarily reinstating their unlimited audiobook listening program until September 30, 2016. Scribd members will have unlimited access to 5,000+ audiobooks for the next two months.

Last year, Scribd switched over to a credit-system, similar to the one employed by, allowing each member one audiobook credit per month. But Scribd still differs from Audible in a couple of significant ways. Besides being a good deal lighter on your wallet than Audible, Scribd’s $8.99 monthly membership fee also entitles you to three eBook credits each month.

Another regular bonus is the rotating selection of audiobooks available for listening without the use of a credit. Scribd calls these “Scribd Selects” and does not limit the number of Selects that can be listened to each month.

Combining those perks with this incredible announcement means that now is the perfect time to jump aboard the Scribd bandwagon. Scribd still offers its standard 14-day free trial, but you can make the most of this temporary unlimited listening opportunity by signing up through The Audiobookworm for an additional two-month free trial of Scribd. Let’s breakdown the benefits.

Sign up through this link and get:

  • The standard two-week free trial of Scribd
  • An extended two-month free trial (on top of the two-weeks)
  • One audiobook credit per month
  • Three eBook credits per month
  • Unlimited access to 5,000+ audiobooks from now until September 30, 2016

Remember: You can cancel your membership at any time (but I doubt you will want to ?). Scooping up this offer today will allow you to take full advantage of Scribd’s generous new promotion before it expires in just over two months. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do the same! ♣︎


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