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🎁 Once Upon a Time in Venice by Monique Roy

🎁 Once Upon a Time in Venice by Monique Roy

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Goodreads⎮Reviewed Jun. 2018

Narrator: Kevin E Green
Length: 1 hours and 27 mins
Publisher: Monique Roy⎮2017

Synopsis: An intriguing, middle-grade audiobook that takes young listeners, ages 9-12, on a physical and emotional journey to Venice, Italy.

This enchanting story revolves around the relationship between Samuelle, a young boy, and his grandfather Leo. Leo has learned that he suffers from a terminal illness, and in his wistful skimming of artifacts from the past, he uncovers treasured mementos of his earliest years, growing up in the romantic city of Venice. Sharing them with Samuelle, he infects the boy with an infatuation for the city, one they will both share when Leo decides to accept an invitation to participate in the annual Regatta, a rowing festival that his own great-grandfather had competed in with great success. The two embark on their journey without Samuelle knowing about Leo’s illness, but Leo makes a promise to himself that it is in Venice, after he has passed on his knowledge and fondness for the city to his grandson, that he will reveal the truth about his fate. Venice becomes a special place in their hearts forever.

This beautiful, middle-grade chapter book will show young listeners, ages 9-12, the strong impact and importance of family, love, and the community in our lives. Listen to this preteen book with your kids, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, and you will be instantly transported to the romantic city of Venice, Italy! The vivid descriptions of Venice enliven the story. From the food and the architecture to the art and the magical canals, you are right there in Venice, without the long flight and the icky airplane food! All adventurers wanted: preteen listeners are taken on an emotional journey that is educational, sad, sweet, and heartwarming, and opens their eyes to geography and cultures.

Guest Reviewer Susan⎮While this is a short tale, Monique Roy packs quite a lot into it. Grandpa Leo and his grandson Samuelle take a vacation in Venice, a city Leo knows well. Samuelle’s parents are gone and Leo wants him to get to know his Venetian relatives. The city of Venice really shines in this story.

I loved the relationship between Leo and Samuelle. Gramps really cares about the boy and takes great joy in showing off his old stomping grounds. Even though Samuelle is young, he soaks it all in. Their combined excitement on this vacation is palpable throughout the story.

Leo has a secret he’s been holding back from Samuelle because he wants the lad to enjoy Venice and not be troubled by Leo’s health issues. This made the last quarter of the story really standout. I was worried what Samuelle would do if his gramps passed away, being as young as he is.

Meanwhile, Samuelle continues to make friends in Venice. His impromptu explorations of the old Jewish ghetto was interesting. I also liked that Samuelle got to know Leo’s old flame, the one that got away. All these people are scattered throughout Venice and that let’s the author show off her own knowledge of this beautiful and historical city. In the end, it was Venice that captured my heart (sorry Samuelle). 5/5 stars

The Narration: The Narration: Kevin E. Green was a great pick for the narration. He had a great old, slightly gravelly voice for Leo and a great kid voice for Samuelle. He also did Italian accents for all the Venetian natives. His female voice (I believe there was only 1) was believable. There were no recording or technical issues. 5/5 stars

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