🎁 Order of Merit by Richard Storry

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Description⎮Reviewed Nov. 2016

Narrator: Andrew Cullum
Length: 3h 54m
Publisher: Richard Alan Storry⎮2016

4.75★ AudiobookOrder of Merit was my second novel by Richard Storry and I liked it even better than the first. The writing in Order of Merit  was absolutely captivating. Storry had me in the palm of his hand the entire time.

Order of Merit  was short, but sweet. Its novella-like runtime took nothing away from the story.  Richard Storry was able to tell a complete, well-developed, and incredibly satisfying story in under four hours. I am more than impressed.

Order of Merit  was the first audiobook I have ever completed in one sitting. A dynamic story, it was delightfully intense and also reflected some of the tenderness I observed in The Cryptic Lines last month. It still amazes me that an author can facilitate such realistic emotional bonds between characters and the reader in this amount of time. I’ve listened to audiobooks three times this long and come away feeling little to nothing for the characters. Richard Storry obviously knows a shortcut to the heart of a reader.

Oh, and speaking of The Cryptic Lines,  it was clever of Storry to give a shout out to one of his works in the midst of another. Storry has a character subtly praise The Cryptic Lines  during a scene in Order of Merit. Very cheeky, Mr. Storry!

Narration review: Andrew Cullum gave a wonderful performance. Had I not been so taken with his narration, I highly doubt I would have listened to this audiobook straight through. Cullum’s narration was crisp and clear. I had no trouble understanding his accent and found it delightful. His pace and timing were perfectly gauged. Cullum enhanced Storry’s writing magnificently. ♣︎

This audiobook was graciously gifted to me by its author, Richard Storry, in exchange for a review containing my honest thoughts and opinions. Thanks, Richard!

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