📚 Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff


Illuminae Files #1

Description⎮Reviewed Nov. 2015

Narrator: Olivia Taylor Dudley, Lincoln HoppeJonathan McClain
Length: 11h 41m
Publisher: Listening Library⎮2015

5 ★ Audiobook⎮”DON’T LOOK AT ME!”
Because I’m grinning like a fool. I rated this at five stars within the first 15 minutes of starting it. Premature assumption? Not. One. Bit. This is easily my favorite book of the year. And I do mean easily. So easily, that it is actually unfair to the other 50+ books I’ve listened to in 2015. So easily, that I should probably take a little break before picking up anything else because it is already guaranteed to pale in comparison to Illuminae. As much as I thought I loved These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman, it in no way can compare to Illuminae. Kaufman seriously stepped up her game. I get that this type of “space drama” isn’t for everyone, but I still think this book should be given a shot. You’ll probably know within the first 15-30 minutes if it is for you. The style of writing may get some taking used to, but I think it drastically enhances the story’s uniqueness.

Narration review: As already implied, I listened to this is on audiobook and cannot say enough about the entire audiobook experience. If it is possible for narrators to have chemistry, then these certainly do! The entire narration team did a superb job and I can’t imagine that this story would have been as enjoyable without the enhancing sound effects. This sort of story lends itself to the audiobook format better than any I have ever heard. I wholeheartedly recommend the audiobook over the physical book. It enhanced my experience with Illuminae exponentially. ♣︎

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📚 Marking Time by April White


Immortal Descendants #1

Description⎮Reviewed Jan. 2016

Narrator: Em Eldridge
Length: 16h 19m
Publisher: April White⎮2014

4.75 ★ Audiobook ⎮This series is such a hidden gem. I can’t understand why this series isn’t talked about at all. If I hadn’t stumbled upon it on Audible, I would have seriously missed out. Even though I’ve only read the first book (thus far), I already like this series better than 98% of the YA Fantasy/Scifi books I’ve read based purely on recommendations or social media hype (The Mortal Instruments, Delirium, Outlander, etc). For starters, this book actually had a female protagonist that I could stand. I love Saira Elian. She’s the most kick ass heroine I’ve read in a long, long time. One that doesn’t make you pull your hair out with her stupid decisions. Do you even understand how rare that is in YA?! The *only* complaint I have is with her vampire love interest, just because it’s been done (and redone) so effing much. Their romance was a tiny bit “insta-love” for my tastes, but was made palatable by the time traveling element of the story. Honestly, I’m so in love with everything else that’s going on in Saira’s world that her love life barely registered as an annoyance with me. I am much more interested in Saira’s familial relationships than romantic ones. This author obviously knows wear her story’s strengths lie and doesn’t spend an unnecessary amount of time with the mushy gushy. Believe me, it’s appreciated. For a world that is so complex, White does an outstanding job of slowly building it while distinguishing the families from one another in a way so that the reader can easily catch on. I love the writing style and fast pace. This story hit the ground running (figuratively and literally) from page one. I especially appreciate that, although marketed as part of the YA genre, it is not (or doesn’t seem to be) exclusively written for teenage readers. I think the maturity level of the main character has a lot to do with that. Saira maybe 17, but she acts a lot older.

Narration review: Great narrator. She captured Saira’s sarcasm and dryness perfectly, without being whiny or annoying. ♣︎

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📚 The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

106265941Description⎮Reviewed Nov. 2016

Narrator: Steve West, Fiona Hardingham
Length: 12h 6m
Publisher: Scholastic Audio⎮2011

5 ★ Audiobook⎮This book is a slow burn. I can’t recall a story that has ever touched my soul quite like this one. This story managed to get under my skin in the most hauntingly pleasant sort of way. Some may be bothered by its plodding pace, but to me it was the good kind of slow. The peaceful sort of slow, like a Sunday drive. So much of this story is devoted to character development that I feel like I know them. Fondness for the characters almost creeps up on you, even with the minor characters. The plot is not unnecessarily impeded by romance (there isn’t even a hint of it for most of the book). And the romance that does exist is the furthest thing from insta-love or the juvenile type of romance usually seen in YA stories. I’m not even sure I would classify this as YA. It’s such a mature story and a far cry from Shiver. I can’t believe this was even written by the same author as Shiver. This is the work by which Maggie Stiefvater should be judged. Her writing here is poetic. This book truly is an experience. There’s no other way to describe it.

Narration review: The audiobook narrators ( Steve West & Fiona Hardingham) did an incredible job of conveying more through their narration than was present in the author’s work. They excelled at creating an atmosphere for the story that whisks the listener away to Thisby. I get chills just thinking about it. ♣︎

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