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12/15/20: In response to the deluge of requests received here, I've expanded my services to include a team of 20 audiobook reviewers at Audiobookworm Reviews. As a member of this review team, I (and several others) receive, accept, and fulfill review requests submitted through the Audiobookworm Reviews website.

I'm currently unable to accept any personal review requests, due to the amount of time I put into my promotional services at Audiobookworm Promotions, as well as my new audiobook production company, Audiobook Empire.

I apologize for not being able to review for you personally, but I hope you'll allow me to make up for it by arranging for multiple reviews through promotional services.

If you're looking for a high-quality review, like what you see here, I encourage you to submit your audiobook to Audiobookworm Reviews. The review team is open to audiobooks of all genres. It's free to submit your audiobook for review consideration and there are additional advertising options available.

Audiobookworm Promotions offers Virtual (Blog) Tours for audiobooks.

Audiobookworm Reviews offers audiobook reviews and advertising.


Please note that everything below is outdated. As stated above, this blog is not currently active or acccepting review requests.

The Audiobookworm is an audiobook review blog and is one of only a few on the web that reviews audiobooks exclusively. It is run by one person, purely for enjoyment. No monetary profit is gained by the reviewing of these audiobooks (see below). Reviews are honest opinions of my feelings at that time and are subject to change upon further reflection. Reviews and opinions posted here are not meant to insult anyone. If you disagree with an opinion or review, please politely do so.

I am now offering promotional services, both personally and professionally. My personal promotional services (detailed below) only extend so far as this blog is concerned and do not require remuneration, just as my personal reviews do not. I do my best to keep Audiobookworm Promotions, the "business side" of The Audiobookworm, separate from my personal reviews and promotions. Promotional requests fulfilled through Audiobookworm Promotions do require remittance for services rendered, primarily my time. Information about Audiobookworm Promotions can be found here.

Located below are the mission statement, review policy, and personal promotions policy for The Audiobookworm.


I launched The Audiobookworm as a creative outlet for my love of audiobooks in January 2016. When something is great, I want to tell people about it! That was my primary motivation at the time and my list of goals has only grown since.

The Audiobookworm's goals are to:

  • Share my personal passion for audiobooks with as many people as possible
  • Assist others in discovering the many joys that can be found through audiobooks
  • Help those with the active lifestyles find more effective ways to consume books without sacrificing time
  • Give audiobook narrators the appreciation they deserve
  • Combat the stigmas sometimes associated with audiobook listening
  • Prove that an audiobook habit doesn't have to put a squeeze on your wallet

At this time, I am devoted to providing promotional services via Audiobookworm Promotions, often at the expense of accepting personal review requests. Due to time constraints, I am rarely able to accept personal review requests, but that does not mean you shouldn't submit one. I'll contact to you if I'm interested in accepting your request.

I work very hard to balance my listening schedule so that I do not become overburdened (which wouldn't be good for anyone). Reviewing audiobooks is my hobby and I don't want it to ever feel like a job. Any estimation I give on when an audiobook will be reviewed should be taken as an approximation, not a deadline (unless we have discussed otherwise). To keep up with my listening schedule and see which audiobooks I have slated for a certain month, I suggest following me on Goodreads.

If yours is a time sensitive request, please make sure I know.  If I am aware that your request coincides with a release date or is otherwise time sensitive, I will be sure it gets fulfilled by that date. If I rate a sponsored book under 3.5 stars, the review will only be posted on Goodreads. Please understand that the review will be posted on Goodreads at my discretion, but you can ask that I not post a review of under x stars anywhere other than Goodreads, including this blog. If I don't enjoy an audiobook enough to write a favorable review, I will email you explaining the situation and we can decide how to proceed.

  • In accordance with FTC regulations, I will not accept monetary gifts for audiobooks reviewed on The Audiobookworm. If you would like me (Jess) to review an audiobook, I am open to doing so free-of-charge. But please make sure I understand that you are wanting to work with my blog alone, not hire my promotional services. Reviews written by me will be unbiased and will not adhere to a certain rating. My personal reviews are a separate entity from the paid promotional services I organize through other blogs.

Promo Policy

The following statements specifically apply to The Audiobookworm alone, not Audiobookworm Promotions.

In addition to reviews, I am willing to participate in certain promotions, such as giveaways, interviews, guest posts, etc. These promotions will be free-of-charge, but will only be posted on this blog. If you are looking for a larger promotional reach, please consider using my paid promotional services, which include organizing promotions across multiple blogs and platforms.

*Please keep in mind that I only promote audiobooks on this blog. If any requested promotions are intended to coincide with release dates, they should be audiobook release dates and not traditional book release dates (unless they coincide). I will not promote a book unless it is available in audiobook format at the time of the promotion. I will need at least 2-weeks prior notice if promotional services are to be offered by/on a certain date.

⚠ I prefer to promote audiobooks that I have personally heard and reviewed. The posting of the review can be timed in accordance with the requested promotion(s) or it can be posted in advance. If I should rate the audiobook below 4 stars, I will let you know well before any promotions begin and we can decide how to proceed from there. The unbiased review will eventually be posted, just not while it is being actively promoted on The Audiobookworm.


In accordance with the update at the top of this page, any review requests submitted through the contact form below will be immediately deleted.

As sole owner of this blog, I reserve the right to change the above policies as I see fit. Updated December 20, 2020.


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