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🎃 Saturday Selects: Pick Your Paranormal

🎃 Saturday Selects: Pick Your Paranormal


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Seasonal recommendations for your October listening pleasure.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The air has a chill to it, American Horror Story is back on television and there’s candy everywhere. And, perhaps best of all, Halloween is a holiday that doesn’t require family gatherings. What more could you ask for?

I’ve collected some of my favorite paranormal tales, along with a few that I’ve been meaning to try, to help get you into the holiday spirit. There’s no better month for themed listening! There’re also some more “spoopy” selections sprinkled in for those of us who can’t always take the spook.

So scrounge up whatever money you haven’t already spent on pumpkin-shaped chocolates and spiced lattes and consider investing in some of these satisfyingly spooky selections.



Ghosts are perhaps the scariest type of paranormal being to me. There’s a reason ghost stories are told around a campfire. Two years ago, I tackled The Shining and last year it was Shutter. But I’ve been saving The Diviners for this year.


YA Vampire Lit went mainstream with the success of Twilight, but not all of these bloodsuckers sparkle. Personally, I like my vamps to have a little more bite!


Witches are my current taste du jour. If you’re into witchy woo, I recommend starting with JD Horn’s Witching Savannah series. It’s still one of my favorite witch tales.


Fairies are a newer favorite paranormal indulgence thanks to The Darkest Part of the Forest. Holly Black’s take on fairies is definitely different from anything found in a Sarah J. Maas book.

Angels & Demons

Don’t let any preconceived notions of angels fool you. They can induce shutters just as well as their demon counterparts. Remember Dr. Who’s Weeping Angels?

Werewolves & Shapeshifters

A wolf-lover, are you? I suggest starting with Written in Red. You won’t be able to resist Sam, the little wolf pup. He may not be scary, but the rest of the series will still keep you on-edge.

Monsters & Zombies

No matter your ghoul of preference, these selections will have you covered. Pick up one while you wait for the return The Walking Dead.

I have a tradition of hearing a Stephen King book every October. I’m looking forward to beginning It just before Halloween, although I don’t know if I’m brave enough to actually watch the movie…

What are your go-to stories in October? Do you gravitate towards any particular corner of the paranormal genre?

Let me know what you think!

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