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Series Review: The Maze Runner series

Series Review: The Maze Runner series

Installments (3+*):

The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure The Kill Order (0.5), The Maze Runner Files

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*New prequel installment (0.6) to be released on September 27, 2016

Individual ratings & information:

Recommended for lovers of:

The Hunger Games, Divergent, Dystopia, Post-Apocalyptic, Action, Fast-pacing, Conspiracies

Suggested age group: 14+

{I’m doing a compiled review for this series because I completed it before becoming a full-time reviewer.}

I’ve seen a lot of people DNF-ing this series and it totally befuddles me. This was one of the first audiobook series I ever completed (way back in 2014) and, although a lot of the details have slipped away from me, I clearly remember my level of enjoyment being sky high. This series is super fast-paced and really unique. I tend to burn out on dystopians pretty quickly because a) it’s mostly formulaic with little originality b) the author focuses too much on the dystopian setting and doesn’t devote enough time to character development c) I can’t make myself care about the welfare of the characters. I did not have any of those issues with this series. The setting (especially for the first two installments) was incredibly original. The intensity factor was amazing. I was completely invested in the well-being of the characters and each of them had very distinct personalities. The plot, the plot, THE PLOT. This plot was so addicting. It grabbed me from the beginning of the first installment and refused to let me go, so much so that I even did something I hardly ever do and listened to a 0.5 story (a mini-installment). I only do that for series that I am insanely invested in! After finishing The Death Cure, I wasn’t ready to let the incredible world that James Dashner created go, so I scrambled to get my hands on The Kill Order and enjoyed every single second of it. For some reason, it seemed to provide more closure than the ending of The Death Cure. I’ve just found out (via Dashner’s Twitter) that he will be releasing another prequel story The Fever Code, “the story of how the maze was built” this September. I am so excited to be jumping back into the world The Maze Runner. In preparation, I think I will finally see The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials movies that were released a while back and try to get my hands on The Maze Runner Files mini-installment to jog my memory!

Narration review: Mark Deakins

The fact that I can think of this audiobook series and instantly recall the narrator’s name (Mark Deakins) is probably a good sign, eh? I have been known to gravitate towards certain audiobooks based on narration alone and discovering that Deakins narrates part of Reawakened is definitely making me want to give it a higher priority placement in my TBR. ♣︎

Overall series rating:

4.5 (rating for The Kill Order not considered, since it wasn’t a full installment)

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