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🎙 Talking Audiobooks with Casey Trowbridge

🎙 Talking Audiobooks with Casey Trowbridge

Exciting news: I was interviewed by Casey Trowbridge on the Talking Audiobooks podcast recently and the episode just went live today! It was one of the coolest experiences I’ve had since beginning The Audiobookworm and I’m tremendously grateful to Casey and his producer Ken Joy.

If you want to finally hear my voice and learn a little more about me, this is your chance.

Keep an eye out for more about Casey, as I plan to host him on The Audiobookworm in the future! And possibly elsewhere…

And if you like my voice enough, you can hear more of it on my recently launched YouTube channel. Subscribers are welcome (duh)!

Aaaand, since now seems to be the time for a shameless plugs, Be sure to check out:


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