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🎁 Timekeeper by Tara Sim

🎁 Timekeeper by Tara Sim

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The Timekeeper Trilogy #1

Description⎮Reviewed Apr. 2017

Narrators: Gary Furlong
Length: 8h 48m
Publisher: Forever Young Audiobooks⎮2017

4.5★ AudiobookI had really high expectations for Timekeeper. I waited a couple of months before starting it and in that time I’d begun to worry that I wouldn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else seemed to have enjoyed it. This is a majorly hyped book and I usually fall on the underside of popular opinion with hyped books. However, listening to Timekeeper was one of those rare times when I feel a book is worthy of the hype.

I’m not saying it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever heard, so don’t raise your expectations to unrealistic levels. Rather, appreciate it for what it is: An extremely well-told story. It’s hard to compare Timekeeper to anything else because it’s so original.

It’s steampunk, but also not. There are elements of science fiction and fantasy, but not enough of either to pigeonhole it firmly into one category. Timekeeper lies in between a lot of mainstream ideas. It doesn’t conform to any singular thing and therein lies its beauty.

My favorite thing about Timekeeper is that Sim breaks up the narrative by periodically infusing the story with more traditional storytelling. She uses real world mythology to build the foundation for her fantasy world and conveys the information in a way similar to what Nicola Yoon used in The Sun Is Also A Star. This method of storytelling provided refreshing breaks from the plot.

Considering the whole plot of this story revolves around a fantastical concept that is entirely foreign to readers, Sim explains it all wonderfully. Timekeeper is a highly balanced story. I was able to grasp the roots of this concept quickly and easily, while adjusting my understanding of it as the plot progressed. Timekeeper was an easy listen, especially for all of its fantasy elements. I had no trouble concentrating on it during the day while attending to other tasks. My attention never wavered from it.

For a debut novel, Tara Sim has hit a home run with Timekeeper. Each character is well-developed and independently memorable. The romance is sweet in its innocence, although I still think there is room for further development. I will absolutely be listening to the sequel, Chainbreaker, when it comes out in November.

Narration review: A lot of the ease-of-listening had to do with the narration, done by Gary Furlong. He’s new to me, but he is a keeper! Furlong’s narration of Timekeeper was flawless. Seriously, I have not one complaint. I was a little ambivalent at first, worrying about acclimating to his accent, but it quickly grew on me. And it’s impressive to think that he performed the entire audiobook in a foreign accent. Apparently Furlong’s native accent is Irish, not English. Could’ve fooled me! ♣︎

 This audiobook was graciously gifted to me by its publisher, Forever Young Audiobooks, in exchange for a review containing my honest thoughts and opinions. Thanks, Forever Young!

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