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📚 Time’s Edge by Rysa Walker

📚 Time’s Edge by Rysa Walker

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The Chronos Files #2

Description⎮Reviewed Feb. 2016

Narrator: Kate Rudd
Length: 13h 27m
Publisher: Brilliance Audio⎮2014

4.5 ★ Audiobook⎮ Holy moly. Is Rysa Walker the queen of cliffhangers, or what? Discovering the series has derailed so much in my life this week already and now it seems I’ll be forced to finish the next installment before I can even think of getting anything else accomplished. I usually experience a bit of a slump with second installments, but nope. Not with this one. It’s true that the plot of Time’s Edge required a bit more concentration on my part, just because the story is constantly progressing and interweaving. But I kept up with it surprisingly well, especially considering that the pace never slowed.

Time’s Edge also seemed a bit less “dumpy” with information overloads, probably because most of that was taken care of in Timebound. At this point, the reader is almost as up-to-date and the main character. Kate actually annoyed me a little more in Time’s Edge. In the last book, her constant dismissal of her own intuition and of obviously suspicious activity was somewhat more tolerable and even understandable, given how new she was to a paranormal lifestyle. However, now that she is in the thick of it, her gullibleness (is that a word?) borders on blatant ignorance. Needless to say, that is not something that endears her to me.

I prefer both of her beaus to her at this point. All throughout Timebound. and even after almost 75 percent of this one, I had no idea which of them I wanted her to be with. But after witnessing the effects of book one’s major cliffhanger, I think it’s safe to say that one of those relationships is not what it used to be (which is a shame because I guess I was sort of leaning towards him). Love triangles are always more interesting to me when the author makes it difficult for me to pick a side. I’m giving this installment the same rating as the first because it did not let me down one single bit. Rysa Walker could have easily watered Time’s Edge down and used it as a “bridge” between the first and last, but thankfully she did not. It had so many of the things that I loved about Timebound., but with a varying historical backdrop. In my experience, it is rare for a second installment to be just as strong as the first.

?Trigger warning: There are some semi-graphic violence scenes, including attempted sexual assault of a minor.

Narration review: I’m still enjoying Kate Rudd’s narration abilities. In this installment, she really exercised her accent distinction capabilities as she voiced many Southern characters. As a Southerner myself, I appreciate their drawls not being comically overdone (as so many narrators are quick to do). I am noticing, however, that it is just a bit difficult for me to discern between her male voices (those without distinguishable accents). Kate’s dad and boyfriend, for example, sound basically the same to me. I’ve noticed that I have to pay closer attention to who is speaking during those scenes. She does a much better job of providing distinct voices for the female characters. This isn’t a huge complaint at all and it’s not something I remember having a problem with while listening to the other audiobooks she has narrated. So who knows, it could be a “me problem”. ♣︎

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