À la Carte Promotions

a la carte

These are the current á la carte promotions offered by Audiobookworm Promotions. This list is subject to be changed or added to in time.

All of these promotional features are able to be combined for use in building your own customized audiobook blog tour or promotional event package. For a quote on a customized tour or promo pack, please contact me.

Promotional Event Package = Only promotional features (at least one type). No reviews.
View pre-made promotional event package options here.

Review package= Only reviews. A review package differs from The Literary Listener tour in that there is no social media promotion involved in a review package.

Tour package = Reviews + at least one type of promotional feature.
View pre-made tour package options here.

A customized promo pack requires you to choose at least one of the following promotions (excluding reviews). A customized tour requires reviews to be one of your selected features along with at least one to two other promotional features.

  • Reviews
  • Release Date Announcements
  • Narrator Reveals
  • Giveaways
  • Spotlights
  • Audio Excerpts (great choice for narrators!)
  • Guest Posts
  • Interviews and Q&A’s
  • Teasers*
  • Dream Casts
  • Coordinated Playlists
  • Twitter Chats*
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Facebook Advertising*
  • Twitter Advertising*
  • Google+ Events*
  • Facebook Events and Parties*
  • Banners and Graphics*
  • Website Design*
  • + Your ideas!

Certain promotional features can be purchased in true à la carte fashion (marked with *), but others cannot.

Reviews: Reviews require you to gift digital copies of your audiobook to Audiobookworm Promotions review affiliates in exchange for honest, unbiased reviews to be posted at their convenience or within a predetermined timeframe. I will handle distribution of those copies and track the reviews for you. I will also promote reviews rating your audiobook 3.5 stars or higher on social media.

*If you choose for the review package to run in a certain timeframe, you can ask that reviews under 3.5 stars not be posted during that time. It is a promotion, after all. But understand that reviews with a low rating may still be published after the promotional timeframe has ended.

Release Date Announcements: Let the world know your audiobook is on its way and when to expect it! This could be particularly effective if your audiobook does not share a release date with its book counterpart.

On its own, this feature will likely not have the impact you are looking for. It can be combined with any other feature, but works best with: Narrator Reveals, Spotlights, and Teasers.

Narrator Reveals: This feature is the audiobook’s answer to Cover Reveals. It announces the narrator of a yet-to-be released audiobook.

I suggest combining this feature with a Narrator Spotlight and audio excerpts of the narrator’s past work. To pack an even bigger punch, this feature can be combined with Release Date Announcements, Giveaways of preorders, and Teasers.

Giveaways: Giveaways are a powerful feature that adds significant “umph” to any promotion or tour, but they can also be served á la carte.

Giveaways can be tour/promotion-wide or one per promoter. Giveaway prizes can be anything related to the audiobook, but digital copies and pre-orders are the most common.

Spotlights: Spotlights are blog posts promoting the author, narrator, or the audiobook itself. Depending on the type of spotlight, they include essential information about the audiobook (synopsis, purchase links, etc.), as well as the author and/or narrator (bio, website link, etc.).

I recommend choosing a Narrator Spotlight to accompany the Narrator Reveal feature. Spotlights are useful features for promoting multiple titles from an author or narrator, especially when combined with audio excerpts and interviews.

Audio Excerpts: Audio Excerpt features take the place of the book excerpt, a popular feature used in traditional book blog tours. This is a promotional feature I designed to showcase narrators’ vocal talents, although it can be used by authors and publishers as well.

This promotional feature would go great with Spotlights and Teasers, but could also hold its own alone.

I strongly recommend this feature to narrators wishing to gain more exposure. Audio excerpts from multiple titles could wonderfully promote your talents to new listeners and authors/publishers!

Guest Posts: Guest Posts are when you write something to be posted on a promotional affiliate’s blog. You can choose the length and topic or allow the blog owner to pick a topic (which you can then approve).

The topics of Guest Posts can be serious, like discussing your craft (writing,  narration, or publishing), themes that run through the story, or a narrative account of your experience with the particular title being promoted.

Topics can also be lighter and less formal, such as sharing a recipe that somehow coordinates with the story or fun, behind-the-scenes facts. You could create a relevant song playlist, put together a dream cast of actors for the story, or list some of your favorite authors/books/characters. The possibilities are endless.

This type of feature stands very well on its own, but requires a moderate amount of effort on your part.

Interviews and Q&As: The idea behind using Interviews and Q&A sessions is to help listeners better come to know you and your creative process.

Interviews usually involve a written or recorded Skype conversation in which you talk about yourself, your career, and the title being promoted. Prior approval of the topics being discussed can be arranged. And character interviews are always fun!

Q&As are similar to Interviews, but instead of the tour host asking the questions, fans and potential listeners can submit questions to the tour host for you to answer (either in written form or via Skype).

These features involve a higher level of participation on your part. They work well as standalone promotions or can be combined with other features.

Teasers: A Teaser is a graphic that is relevant to a certain title. It can include a photo, short quote, and basic information about the audiobook.

Posts with the graphics and images are more likely to catch someone’s eye, thus more effectively increasing your audiobook’s visibility. It’s a good idea to have a handful of graphic teasers when doing a promotion. These can be posted on blogs or social media. They coordinate well with Audiobook Spotlights, Giveaways, and Audio Excerpts.

Tours include 2 teasers. Additional teasers available through my design services.

* A video trailer could also qualify as a Teaser, if available.

Dream Casts: A Dream Cast is an visual imagination of the characters in a story, usually using celebrities to be “cast” as certain characters.

This fun feature can be your away of sharing your visualizations of the characters or allowing promotional affiliates and listeners to share their ideas of how the characters could be cast!

This feature can become interactive by asking fans for their suggestions and selecting those that most closely match your mental images of characters. Doing so would allow for easy coordination with a giveaway.

Coordinated Playlists: Were there any particular songs that came to mind as you were writing/narrating your audiobook? Have you ever heard a song and thought it would make a great “theme song” for the story or an individual character?

Putting together a song playlist that coordinates with an audiobook is one of the more fun and creative promotional features. It can be made interactive by asking listeners for song suggestions or can be completely your own.

Twitter Chats: Twitter chats are one of the more singularly successful features for achieving widespread visibility.

A twitter chat is an online discussion, usually in the form of Q&A, that allows a platform for listeners and potential listeners to create buzz about your title. It’s helpful to have a special guest (you or someone closely related to the audiobook) involved in the chat.

The chat can be hosted by a promotional affiliate or by me.

*Best for tours and release events.

Social Media Promotions: Social media promotions are tweets and posts promoting your title on multiple social media platforms. The Audiobookworm works with several social media affiliates to achieve maximum exposure for your title on social media.

The goal of this feature is to increase visibility and creating buzz about your audiobook. You can request specific information to be included and even submit scripted tweets and promotional posts. However, I think it is best to allow the promotional affiliates to exercise their own judgment, with essential information understood to be included.

*Not recommended for tours. Best for promo events.

Facebook Advertising: Ads promoting your audiobook (and/or you) can be placed on Facebook for a relatively low-cost. I have experience placing ads on this platform and would be happy to save you the trouble of configuration.

This feature can be added-on to any promotional package or tour.

Twitter Advertising: Similar to Facebook advertising, but on a different platform.

Google+ Events

Facebook Parties and Events

Banners and Graphics: All tours and packages include an in-house designed banner and tours also include a badge design. You are welcome to provide your own graphic designs or use my design services. You can learn more about those design services here.

Website Design

Your Ideas: If you have an idea for specific feature you want to include in your promotion, all you have to do is say so! I’m open to all ideas, especially those that are creative and suit your audiobook.